How to Find Freelance Work

When you’re considering freelance work as a career, you’ll need a financial cushion to fall back on. A half-year’s worth of expenses will do nicely. Then, instead of worrying about how to make ends meet,…

How to start your resume

How to Start a Resume 

You want to sit in front of your computer to write a professional looking resume but can’t seem to get started. So you procrastinate and begin to feel guilty about it. Psychological barriers surrounding various…


Interview Tip: Speak positively 

A job interview tip that’s easy to put into practice is to make one or more positive statements at each interview. A positive statement is, “I want the job.” A negative statement is, “It seems…

How to make a cold call

How to Make a Cold Call

“Who are you and whadda ya want!” Isn’t that what you feel like shouting whenever a stranger, who calls to sell you something, starts by saying, “Hello Janet how are you today?” What a lame icebreaker!…

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How to keep my job

“How to keep my job?” is the question practically all workers are asking themselves these days. It’s no wonder. Just look all the layoffs announced this month alone: Tyson Foods says it’ll cut up to…


How to Give a Good Interview

You’ll give a good interview by understanding that an interview is a head game. When you understand how to play the game, you’ll know how to give a good interview. What follows are four interviewing tips…


Learn how to say “no”

Sometimes you gotta learn how to say “no” to certain people so you can prevent yourself from becoming stressed out. You shouldn’t give yourself away until you’ve built a solid base of what you need….


Update Your Resume

August is a great month to update your resume. With many prospective employers taking vacation this month, you can take advantage of their absence to update your resume. Even if you’re not looking for a…

How college graduates can find jobs

College Graduate Can’t Find a Job

If you still find yourself unemployed after graduation, it’s not because there are no jobs out there for college graduates. A recent survey shows employers will hire almost ten percent more new graduates from the…