Christmas is over, what’s next?

A three-day mini job finding campaign to end the year with a bang!

Now that Christmas is over you can slack off like everyone else, right? Wrong! Smart and successful job hunters and salespeople won’t be taking a breather. They’ll be working job finding and selling campaigns from Monday through Thursday.

Just because the last few days of the year are quieter, it doesn’t mean no hiring or interviewing is going on. Not everyone is sipping Pina Colada’s by the ocean. They’ll be in the office hoping to take advantage of a quiet week in order to catch up. This means there will be lots of decision makers who will be open to hearing from you and meeting with you.

You’ll recall the coaching in a previous post, Holiday Hunting, that the best time to make contacts and to interview is between November and early January. Why? Companies are preparing budgets for January when there’s traditionally more hiring. That’s why you shouldn’t wait until the first of the year to resume job hunting. Starting tomorrow—Monday—try to catch some decision makers while they’re still making hiring plans for 2016.

To this end you can call people with whom you’re following up. You should include hot leads plus recruiters with whom you have a relationship. Also, connect with HR people you know because they’re in a position to give you a heads-up about hiring plans for the coming year. Or they might have a job on the horizon for which you can interview.

You can also use some of the time to get short-term coaching on how to apply proven search strategies to your job finding campaign, to the job you’ll land as a result, and to the many hassles encountered throughout your career in my new book—“Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach.” Click here to learn more about this unique book and how it can help you land a job sooner and make money faster as a result.

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