Climb a tree and holler

Your job campaign feels stuck because you’re spending too much time answering ads and posting on the Internet and not enough time making personal contacts.

It’s a paradox. You hesitate to contact people who can refer you to their contacts because you detest the idea of selling yourself, yet you need to persuade others that you are worth hiring if you want to find a job.

This verse makes the point:

He who has a thing to sell

And goes and whispers in a well,

Is not so apt to get the dollars

As hew who climbs a tree and hollers.

The thing you have to sell is you. Not tooting your own horn because you’re shy and fear making contacts is just like whispering in a well. Nobody hears you.

He who gets the dollars is the person who calls her contacts to make her needs known—“Hey, I’m looking for a job….who do you know who I can talk to.”

So remember you HAVE something to sell. We all do. But when you go and whisper in a well, you’re not so apt to get the dollars as the job candidate who climes a tree and hollers.

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