Dealing with conflict at work

IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR JOB LONGER  dealing with conflict at work needs to be an important part of your career management.

Clashes in workplace environments are a fact of life. Because workplaces are often lean and mean, things often do get mean and nasty. That’s why many companies emphasize conflict resolution as a way to help you and your fellow workers get along better by resolving frictions.

How to deal with conflict at home and at work

There are many methods used in conflict resolution to calm things down before tempers flair. One of those methods that you can apply at work or at home is the ECA Formula: Express yourself honestly…Communicate…and Compromise.

Here’s how it works—

Express yourself honestly

Sometimes you get anxious about expressing difficult feelings openly. Perhaps you fear others won’t like what you say or that someone might misinterpret your words and call you a racist, homophobe, or even worst—a Republican!

But suppressing your feelings can make you tense and filled with resentment. So you need to express them in a safe way by taking the next step.


Although it might feel counterintuitive, communicating is listening—active listening. So you need to communicate by first listening to your colleague’s words and then repeating them back in your own words to make sure you’ve understood the message.

When expressing your position, avoid accusing your co-worker. Instead of using the word “you”—as in “you hurt me”—say, “I felt hurt.”


Your goal at work needs to be getting along with others, not winning arguments. The next time you observe conflict on the job, ask yourself this question: “How can this discord be resolved so both of us feel good?”

Handling conflicts at work isn’t always easy. But with practice, you’ll learn how to improve relationships at home and at work.

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