Find a Job in a Jobless Era

Find the needle-in-a-haystack

Despite what Government cheerleaders tell you, unemployment is still chronic. But here’s the good news: You can find a job in a jobless era because there always jobs out there in any economy.

Those jobs are fewer but all you have to do is find just one of them. You’ll accomplish this by first assessing your skills and interests, then selecting a hot industry in which to search where you think your talents might fit.

If you’re asking yourself, “where can I find a job,” try healthcare. It continues to be one of those hot industries where you could land if your interests match up with jobs the healthcare field offers. Driving healthcare’s growth is a demand for not only top tier professionals—like dentists and doctors—but for support jobs like nurse practitioners (NPs) who can earn over $90k a year. NPs authorize treatments, perform exams, and counsel patients in hospitals and in office settings.

Other good jobs in healthcare include dental hygienists who make around $70K not only by cleaning teeth, but advising patients in best ways to maintain dental health.

There’s a huge demand for registered nurses (RNs) who can earn around $65k. RNs dispense medications, perform tests, and do administrative duties.

Physical therapists are more in demand these days due to an aging population. You can earn you around $80k as a physical therapist by showing patients how to increase mobility and decrease pain associated with motion.

Most of the good jobs in healthcare require advanced training and education. And all of the healthcare professionals I’ve met over the years—from PA’s, X-ray technicians, and nurses; to doctors and dentists— love their work. When it comes to your career, loving it is essential to your success and emotional health. However, doctors aren’t always the happy campers in this field. They’ve been balking for along time about how hard it is to maintain a medical practice with increased government intervention between them and their patients.

One of the most important things you as a job candidate need to do is to assess your skills in order to determine where in the world of work you best fit. You can learn how to discover and develop your hidden talents and dominant skills and how to market them, in my book Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach. This book should be on the bookshelves or reading devices of every job hunter. It’s available on Amazon. Click here to order.

Your Career Service will take a look in upcoming posts at a few of the other hot industries where the jobs are.

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