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So you’ve been dumped by the company you worked for and can’t find another full-time job. Well, don’t just sit there waiting for a recruiter to call! Find a part-time job to tide you over.

Temporary work not only serves as a stopgap during a slow job market, but many job hunters who desire independent lifestyles rely on finding part-time work. They become freelancers by signing up with consulting companies who rent them out to corporate clients, or temporary agencies who also help them find work in their fields. How to Find Freelance Work  is explained another report on Your Career Service.

Temping is a growing field. Companies save money by replacing some full time staff with temporary workers who fill-in for less money. While companies don’t pay benefits to temporary employees, many temp agencies do. And over seventy percent of temporary workers are offered fulltime jobs by companies they temp for.

“An increasing number of employers are now hiring white collar temps as managers, accountants, salespeople, and even lawyers and architects,” says a spokes person for a Cleveland Ohio-based group of temporary agencies.

Many artists, writers, public relations freelancers who work independently, sign up with staffing agencies specializing in their fields, either as a lifestyle choice or to earn money during slow periods in their own businesses.

You’ll find a list of temporary agencies in your area in “The Directory of Executive Recruiters,” the bible of the recruiting industry. Check online or in the business section of your library for a copy.

After you get a list of temp agencies in your field, you’ll need to send them a well-written and designed resume (link) and cover letter.

Nobody likes being laid off. But you can take advantage of the situation by remembering this old saying: “When someone hands you a lemon, turn it into a lemonade.” In this case, your lemonade is a part-time job to tide you over.

For ideas about how to get one (not a lemonade, silly, a part-time job) check out “How to Find Freelance Work,” a previous post on Your Career Service™.

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