How to Control Clutter — part 2

As we discussed in the previous post on Your Career Service about the four principles of clutter control, you need to take control of clutter before clutter takes control of you. The reason for having a personal method for clutter control is that your work and job search suffer when your office, desk, or cubicle gets messy.

Before you formalize your plan for how to control clutter, chill out for a minute by closing your eyes. Now visualize what you want your neat and organized space to look like. Got the picture? Good. Now believe in the possibility this visualization will bring some order into your work experience.

The next step is to write down your plan for clutter control and make a commitment that you’ll practice the methods you’ve jotted down in order to make your place look exactly as you’ve just visualized.

A big cause of clutter could be your bookcases that are stuffed so full, that other books have slopped over to the floor and are scattered in other places around your office or home. If this describes your plight, consider these two ways to reduce your book inventory: First, give away books you no longer deem important. If you’re holding on to how to books you think might be needed for future reference, then give away your fiction books or donate them to a library.

The second and most important tip for handling book clutter is this: whenever you buy a book, give away a book. Then you’ll always have room on your bookshelves.

A plan for clutter control is a process that may take a half-year or more since you’re changing patterns to controlling clutter that took years to accumulate.

In conclusion, let’s touch on the phrase mentioned in the opening paragraph by raising your right hand and repeating after me—

I (say your name) solemnly pledge to take control of clutter before clutter takes control of me. Amen. And remember, you’ll find lots of tips about how to organize your job hunt in chapter three of my book,  “Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach.” Click here to order. 

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