Four Easy Ways To Cope With Stress On Your Job

Four Ways to Cope With Stress On The Job

Studies indicate the leading source of stress for adults is their jobs. Stress-producing situations contained in the workplace include losing your job, losing colleagues in downsizings, change brought about by mergers, and advances in technology.

You’ll manage stress well by understanding that change comes fast and you have to change with it. You can’t fight change, nor can you change change.

Here are four ways to successfully cope with stress caused by change in the workplace

First, roll with the punches so you don’t get socked.

Second, learn to manage your anger so you won’t do something stupid—like scream at someone.

Third, if an unkind remark or argument makes your blood pressure rise, lower it by walking away and chilling out for a few moments. After you feel the tension flow out of your body, you can put on your best phony smile and resume your discussion with whomever it was that made you feel like screaming.

Fourth, stop trying to run at full speed all the time or you’ll become a basket case. That’s the reason for taking coffee and lunch breaks. So take them.

There’s no way stress can debilitate you when you manage it. Remember, you are in control when you manage stress.

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