How to handle emotions after losing your job

When you lose a job, you’ll experience an array of feelings and emotions unless you volunteered for a package or planned to retire anyway. When it comes to how to handle emotions after losing your job, you need to deal with these four biggies:

The first of the emotions to pop up is rage as you wonder “why me.” Then comes anger as you think, “after spending twenty years with this company look what they did to me.” Fear is next on the list of emotions as you wonder if you’re too old to find another good job. Finally, you’ll feel embarrassed which is the feeling of guilt and shame.

It’s normal to experience range, anger, and fear when you lose a job. But you need not become embarrassed over getting canned. Embarrassment—that sense of being humiliated—is a disconnect between you and what you think you should be. You’re thinking it shouldn’t be you who got the axe.

It’s useful to hold on to some of your negative feelings. Take anger. That emotion can drive you to victory. But embarrassment is a useless emotion because it makes you feel degraded.

You can cast out embarrassment by presenting this alternate image of yourself:

There’s a dignity in struggling with a difficult situation. And you are one of the multitudes who have been shown the revolving door during the last few months alone. So it’s not your fault.

Even so, you need to be prepared to answer this, the mother of all interview questions—“why was your job eliminated?”

When you answer that and other commonly asked interview questions, look your interviewer straight in the eye and say, “It was a business decision to eliminate my position and I was told it had nothing to do with performance.”

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