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It’s not what to say but how to listen that determines the successful outcome of interviews. Matter of fact, developing active listening skills is the fist aid of interviewing. That’s because active listening helps you determine a prospective employer’s needs so you can help to fill them.

Active listening is when you concentrate on the speaker with your ears and eyes, and with your heart and soul. Its formula consists of four simple steps: intention, listening, pausing, and reflecting.

Before an interview conversation begins, set an inner intention that you truly want to listen to what the interviewer has to say. Then act on that intention by listening. It’s not your job to solve their problem right away. You can do that later.

After listening to the speaker, pause before responding. You should remain silent a little longer than what you feel comfortable with. This shows interviewers you’ve heard and understand what was said.

Interviewers will like you more because you’ve listened. After all, people want to be heard. They’ll feel that they can open up to you as you listen actively. As a result, they’ll feel more connected to you as a candidate.

After you pause, reflect back what was said to you. You can repeat, “Oh you’re looking for TV news reporting skills.” Then identify the speaker’s needs by saying: “Then it must be important for the candidate to have also had street reporting along with anchoring experience you’ve advertised for. Would you tell me more about that?” Then listen some more. You’ll pick up more clues about what else the interviewer wants.

Remember, it’s not just what to say that gets you hired. It’s how you listen. A nice way to practice for interviews is to practice listening in all of your interactions today by applying the four steps mentioned above: Intend to listen. Then listen to what’s being said. Pause a bit before speaking. And reflect back what you’ve just heard.

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