Improve Job Performance with Self-Discipline

It takes self-discipline to improve job performance. We’re talking about positive discipline that enables you to outperform your competition. It’s the negative self-discipline you were raised with that might turn you off to the idea of applying any discipline of all. The negative discipline you experienced was punishment

While the dictionary lists “punishment” as one of the definitions of discipline, Webster also offers two other meanings that show how you can improve job performance: “Training that corrects, moulds, or perfects.” And “self control.”

You’re on the road to success at work when you recognize the discipline of training yourself to network for a new job or prospecting for new clients will give you self-control over your job, job search, or sales territory. Control is a big issue with most people. Self-discipline is the best way for you to have and maintain control.

Without discipline, you wouldn’t have learned how to ride a bicycle. It took self-discipline to keep wiping away your tears and climbing back on each time you fell off.

 How to unlock the door of accomplishment through discipline

 Discipline comes from practicing your tasks correctly over and over again. Getting it right gives you peace of mind.  As a result, you make your boss, clients, and prospective employers happy. That’s because they’re impressed and influenced by the professional demeanor you’ve gained through self-control by training yourself.

 Why self-discipline is the key ingredient in landing a job or making a sale

Tactics used in self-marketing and marketing a product or service are practically the same. Lead generation and networking are the key ingredients for both. It’s important to recognize that you won’t be motivated to do the tasks required to succeed unless without self-discipline.

You’re on the road to success when you decide to make the calls to personal contacts, executive recruiters, prospective employers, or customers for your product or service. You’re playing the numbers in your job search or sales efforts.

Regardless of how you look at it, your performance in any endeavor improves when you use a little elf-discipline.

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