Magic Formula For a Successful Job Search

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During a job search, you get battered around a lot by being turned down. That’s what a job campaign is all about—getting “no” for an answer over and over again until you come to the inevitable “yes.”

So get used to the idea that a job hunt is more about rejection than it is acceptance. But when it comes to your feelings, being turned down is no box of chocolates. It hurts. However, there is a way you can lick your sores in order to keep moving forward.

That way is a coping mechanism called “the magic formula of job hunting.” Okay, so it isn’t really magic. But you’ll find the results are magical because it’ll take away the hurt caused by being given the cold shoulder. The magic formula is: SW, SW, SW—NEXT. That stands for “some will, some wont, so what—next.”

When it comes to being liked, it doesn’t matter what someone thinks about you or why you lost the interview deal. Not everyone you meet is going to like you. Do you like everyone you meet? It’s often hard to put your finger on the reason why someone turns you off. Besides, you’ll seldom know the real reason why you weren’t hired or why you were fired or laid off.

To think that everyone should adore you or your presentation is called “mental masturbation” by modern psychologists. Life doesn’t work that way. You must keep moving forward until you find the right friend, spouse, business partner, or position. So your job is to move on to the next interview. After all, you need to go to a series of interviews before you’ll get an offer.

As you travel through your job search, or try to build sales for your product or service, remember that some people will like you and some people wont. So what? Move on to the next meeting or interview.

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RANDY PLACE IS A JOB-FINDING and executive coach, writer on career topics, broadcaster, and host of For twenty-three years, he helped thousands of employees who had been let go from JPMorgan Chase find jobs. And he coached executives at CBS Television, Pitney Bowes, and major outplacement firms in New York on job-finding techniques, communications skills, and selling strategies. An accomplished seminar leader and speaker, Randy has designed and presented workshops on interviewing, telephoning techniques, job-search writing, and sales training nationwide. Randy's groundbreaking nationally syndicated radio series, Your Career Service, has been heard on over two hundred radio stations across the United States. And his articles on career topics have appeared in the Wall Street Journal's National Business Employment Weekly. A former broadcast journalist in New York, he has also been a commercial spokesperson for an array of national and regional advertisers. In addition, Randy was a sales executive at NBC Radio and the New York City sales manager for syndication at Wolper Productions. He holds a Bachelor's in Sociology and Broadcasting from Syracuse University, and a Master's in Journalism from New York University.