Mindfulness and how to achieve it at work

The topic of mindfulness is all the rage these days. Books sold and articles written about how to be mindful sing its praises without telling you that it’s necessary to develop a meditation practice first. After meditating, it’s much easier to take mindfulness to work.

The old saying about “believing only half of what you read” applies here. Books written by mindfulness gurus give you only half of the story. There’s very little written about practice. Instead, you’re led to believe anyone can be mindful by applying “a few simple techniques.”

Easy for them to say! Most of those writers have practiced meditation for years under the guidance of a teacher. As a result, they have been able to achieve a degree of mindfulness during what Theravada Buddhists refer to as “post meditation.” For the rest of us, meditation at home alone or with a group needs to be the basis for mindfulness at work.

You can’t put this theory into action unless you first train your mind to focus and to be aware, as you would train your body to be stronger and healthier at the gym. The gym of mindfulness consists of meditating. It helps to learn one of the many meditation techniques out there that appeal to you.

You’ll enjoy a mindful mind when you acquire two skills: The ability to focus on what you’re doing. And at the same time, being aware of unimportant distractions with the ability to shrug them off as they arise.

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The relationship between practicing meditation and daytime mindfulness reminds me of the song titled Love And Marriage——“you can’t have one without the other.”

Perhaps some can. But for most, mindfulness is a way of life……not a bunch of techniques you read about.

RANDY PLACE is a job finding coach and author of Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach.

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