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Even if you’re not looking for a job, your resume should be updated periodically. Then you won’t waste time worrying about how to update your resume when contacted by a recruiter or hear of an opportunity that looks like a good fit.

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Updating a resume is easy when you begin by adding projects you worked on since the resume was last updated. Employers are most interested in the last ten years of your experience because skills fade after that. So make sure you highlight those years. You might have to deemphasize earlier accomplishments to make room for new achievements under the section titled work history.

Be sure sections detailing educationprofessional development (courses taken, seminars attended, and new certifications received) are included when updating a resume.

The most important part of your resume is the summary and/or objective sections, which appear at the top of the document. The summary and objective target both your goal and the job your resume is being submitted for.

Now print out your resume and fold it in half. A prospective employer will read what’s above the fold before deciding whether to read further or to toss your resume in the circular file. So you must capture the attention of your readers in the first half of the resume. For this reason, be sure to prioritize the bulleted achievements under your most recent position. You want people to read those accomplishments first.

But don’t just update your resume once a year. You’ll find it’s easier to add new items each time you take a business course, add a certification, get another award, or have accomplished another achievement you’d like to add as a bullet.

Remember three things about your resume: It’s never finished.  It’s always a work in progress. And a well-written resume advances you to the next level. My book, Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach, shows you how to write an outstanding resume and keep it updated. Click here to order now.  

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