What Readers Say

About “Your One-Minute Job-Finding Coach”

“This book is just what job seekers and career changers need to keep themselves motivated and active in the hunt. Randy Place’s approach is extraordinarily helpful, practical, and useful. He’s one of the most experienced and pragmatic career coaches in the United States, and he condenses his knowledge and wisdom in the most engaging way. Highly recommended.”

—David Rottman, past President & Chairman of the Board of the C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology in NYC.


“If you haven’t searched for a job for years, or are planning to re-enter the workforce after an extended period of unemployment, “Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach” will provide a comprehensive navigation system to help you find your way.”

—Hemda Mizrahi, Managing Director of Life & Career Choices, Inc.


“The book is quite interesting, it is really spot on. Lots of very important pointers that I really could not have imagined on my own. It is really wonderful and I try to keep up with the reading every chance that I get. I’m sure it will be of great help to me in finding my next job. I’m really anxious to put to use some of what I learn to good use.”

—Catherine (4/19/16)

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